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Current & Upcoming Shows:


American Women Artist Online Jurried Show - May 2024

Nan Miller Gallery NY - July 2024

Membership Medley - Blue Line Arts -July 13th to August 24th, 2024

Art House on R, Sacramento - July 11 - Aug. 5 2024 - Second Saturday Reception July 13, 5PM - 8PM

Ester Kerri Warner for Blue Moon.jpg


i find art in everything and everything finds its way into my art


I am a mixed media artist based in Northern California.  I relish the combination of contemporary design with the unexpected utilization of found, recycled, and/or repurposed materials. In my collages I use book pages, wrapping paper, found objects and fragments of antique hardware to create works depicting moments in time. I see my art as vibrant visual storytelling, rich with texture and detail, each composition combines elements inspired by everyday moments, executed with a whimsical touch. I love the puzzle of putting together pattern and color to depict my subjects, portraying  body language and facial expressions that might make the viewer stop and ponder the situation or stir a memory of time spent with friends or family. My imagination and observation of the world around me are the driving force behind my creations.

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